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Hand Saw

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Whether you’re into forestry, gardening, or you’re an arborist, having a hand saw is nice for trimming trees, pruning, and more. A hand saw, by definition, is “a wood saw worked by one hand.” With that in mind, we’re going to be looking at all the different brands manufacturing hand saws.

This page is meant to be a guide for someone who needs a hand saw but doesn’t know about all the brands available. I won’t go into great detail about the quality of each company’s tools. Instead, I’ll list some general information about the company and provide you with a link to their website.

One other thing before I get started. Just so we’re all on the same page; the brands listed on this page make saws designed for cutting, trimming, and pruning trees. I won’t be covering carpenter saws because that’s not what this website is about.

Hand Saw Brands for Cutting, Trimming, & Pruning

The companies listed below have made their way on this list because they sell pruning, crosscut, pole, and other related hand saws. Again, I’m not too concerned about giving you every detail about each brand. Instead, I’m going to provide some basic information and let you do the rest of the research. Also, if you’re not familiar with the different kinds of saws, I’ve created a page about that in the “Learn” section of this website.


Visit Silky’s website @ www.silkysaws.com

Some of the best, most well-made pruning saws in the world belong to the Silky Saw company. This brand has been around since 1919 when it was founded and developed by Mr. Katsuji Miyawaki. Silky are innovators and leaders in the industry, having won a number of awards for their designs.

The types of saws they’re currently offering are hand saws and pole saws. As for the hand saws, they have both curved and straight blades as well as fixed and folding blades. I believe most, if not all, of their saws are impulse hardened. The process of impulse hardening makes the teeth (blade) last longer before it needs to be sharpened. It also makes it more difficult to sharpen the blade, which is why they offer replacement blades.


Samurai Saws
Visit Samurai’s website @ www.samurai-saws.com

Samurai is another brand known for its superior quality in pruning saws. All their products have near flawless reviews because they’re high-quality and have a comfortable, ergonomic design. They offer both curved and straight blades, folding hand saws, and even pole saws. Most of their products come with a nice sheath to protect the blade while you’re not using it.


Visit Tarvol’s website @ www.tarvol.com

The Tarvol brand isn’t centered around saws; they’re a tool company. Tarvol has a line of various tools including one folding hand saw, a hatchet, screwdrivers, reflective vests, and more. This brand, in my opinion, falls into a budget category. While they may not hand-craft their tools with all the highest rated materials, their prices are great. So, if you’re looking for a cheap but nice folding hand saw, Tarvol is worth considering.


Visit Fiskars’ website @ www.fiskars.com

Fiskars is a brand which has been around for many years; since 1649, in fact. Since their beginning, this company has been creating and leading the way in innovation. You likely have one of their products in your home, too. Their orange scissors are what Fiskars seems to be most known for. However, they sell a whole range of forestry tools like saws, hookaroons, and axes.

This company offers a bow saw, pole saws, folding hand saws, and more. As for their quality? Well, they’re nice products and they’re usually some of the cheapest when it comes to price. You just about can’t go wrong with Fiskars but they’re not known to have premium saws like Silky or Samurai.


Corona Tools
Visit Corona Tools’ website @ www.coronatoolsusa.com

Corona is well-known among gardeners and arborists. Their tools are close in comparison to the top brands but less expensive. I added their Corona Razor Tooth in a post about the best folding hand saws, where it was my choice for the 2nd best. They offer many options; curved, straight, folding, and more. In total, Corona has 12 different saws that I’m aware of; all of which have great reviews.

Tabor Tools

Tabor Tools
Visit Tabor Tools’ website @ www.tabortools.com

Tabor Tools makes a variety of tools for gardeners, arborists, and woodsmen alike. From loppers to saws, axes, and rakes; this brand has it all. In all their collection of tools, however, I’d say they lean more towards gardeners. Especially when it comes to their saws. They offer both straight and curved blades as well as two folding saws; all of which are pruning saws.


Visit Bahco’s website @ www.bahco.com

Bahco has a long history of quality. It all started in 1862 with a guy named Goran Fredrik Goransson. He owned Gohbo Stal, a steel company, in Sweden. Nearly all the steel was used in making top-notch fishing hooks. Over the years people came to know the quality of the fish hooks so when Goran went into business making saws, he made sure to put a fish hook logo on them. This reminded people of the quality of his fish hooks.

Nowadays Bahco still makes saws and even more products. Their Bahco Laplander (folding hand saw) is well-known by survival and bushcraft enthusiasts around the world. I actually added the Laplander to my top 3 list of the best folding hand saws because of its cutting ability, ease of use, durability, and price.


Truper Tools
Visit Truper’s website @ www.truper.com

You’re likely familiar with this brand already. Their products are found in hardware and home improvement stores all over the world. Truper has been around for over 50 years, making a large number of products. They begin making pickaxes, trowels, vises, sledgehammers, and clamps but nowadays they make other things like tape measures, axes, and saws.

As for their saws, they offer pruning, folding hand saws, and bow saws. Their products are sturdy, well-made, and usually one of the cheapest options available.


Visit Flexrake’s website @ www.flexrake.com

Flexrake is definitely a home & garden brand. Even their website says “We specialize in lawn and garden tools”. This family-owned company is most well-known for their rakes. Flexrake began shortly after WW2 when the agriculture industry was booming. The founder, George Brock, designed a metal rake which was both lightweight and durable. Over the next 30 years, Flexrake continued to innovate and improve upon their rakes as well as create other tools.

As you can imagine, their saws are geared towards pruning. Flexrake offers several pole saws as well as hand pruning saws with wooden handles.


Visit Komelon’s website @ www.komelonusa.com

Komelon products are made in Korea to the best of my knowledge. They do, however, have a USA division based in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Their primary focus is on their tape measures but they do offer a small selection of saws. Curved and straight blades as well as fixed and folding hand saws.


Black & Decker
Visit Black & Decker’s website @ www.blackanddecker.com

If you don’t know about Black & Decker, you’re likely living outside the united states. This brand is one of the largest, offering many different power tools. It’s not just power tools, though; they have a wide range of devices. And yes, they sell saws.

Black & Decker is on this list because they make reciprocating saws, powered hand saws, pole pruning saws, bow saws, and more. All of which are great for trimming, cutting, and pruning trees.


Visit Stanley’s website @ www.stanleytools.com

Very much like Black & Decker, the Stanley Tool company is well-known in the United States. Their products are found in most large retailers and almost every home-improvement store. This brand recently celebrated their 175th year anniversary so they’ve definitely been around for a while.

Stanley Tool was founded in New Britain, Connecticut by Frederick Stanley in 1843.  Over the next 30 years, they begin manufacturing rulers, hammers, and screwdrivers. Fast forward to today and the list of tools they sell is incredible. Most of their saws are meant for carpentry but they have some which are great for cutting timber.


Lynx Sheffield
Visit Lynx’s website @ www.flinn-garlick-saws.co.uk

The Lynx brand is a fine craft company. Their saws are generally made with beech wood handles and the quality steel. This brand mostly makes carpenter hand saws. They do, however, make two crosscut saws. Both of which can be used as two-man crosscut saws. While only one of them has the look and design of a traditional crosscut, the other is simply a one-man crosscut with an extra handle in case you have another person helping you.

The teeth for their two-man crosscut are too large for saw setters so a file is used to sharpen the blade when needed. Also, another interesting fact about this company is their saws were featured on Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made” show.